Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Califa to Add Smashwords Content

California library cooperative Califa Group has announced a deal to add 10,000 self-published ebooks from Smashwords to the ebook collection they are creating for member libraries. This follows an earlier announcement that additional funding has been secured to continue their yet-unnamed ebook collection project, which is based on Douglas County's model of library-control of ebook content and DRM management (as opposed to passively accepting what Overdrive or 3M will do for us).

Smashwords is allowing authors to set individual pricing for library sales, leaving open the possibility that our prices will be lower (perhaps free). Perhaps independent authors will be more open to our case that libraries are a discovery platform rather than a threat (which seems to be a common view with some of the big publishers).

Interestingly, the deal also includes creating a self-publishing program to allow patrons to publish their own works on Smashwords. Moving libraries to the forefront in content-creation opens many new options for libraries.


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