Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Amazon Kindle for PC Application Available

Amazon's Kindle application for the PC is available now (Macintosh version still in the works), and after a brief try, I can say it does in fact open the Kindle store to the Kindle-less masses. Samples of the first few chapters can be downloaded to the reader software from books in Kindle store.

But the proprietary format used for the Kindle means that the icon for Kindle for PC sits on my desktop next to the similar Barnes and Noble application, as well as the link for Adobe Digital Editions (used for direct purchased from many publishers).

Eventually, managing books in collections segregated by vendor or publisher and accessed through separate reader software will become an obvious problem for consumers ("Now, who did I buy that book from?"). The music industry found out that consumers don't really care which music company produced an album, and I bet the players in the book business find out that book buyers are no different.

Google's announcement that it's coming Google Editions ebook system will work out of a web browser makes more sense everyday.

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