Monday, February 09, 2009

Amazon Announces Kindle 2

After months of leaks and rumors, Amazon announced the second generation Kindle today, called (you guessed it) the Kindle 2.

Thinner, faster, with improved controls and more features than the first generation product, the Kindle 2 is priced the same as the outgoing model.

It's interesting to compare the evolution of the Kindle with the
iPod. Although storage on the Kindle 2 is greater, the company points out that books purchased for the Kindle can be re-downloaded wirelessly at any time, meaning that local storage is less of an issue. The advances in mobile technology in the years since the debut of the iPod now permit this approach, one that still isn't showing up on the iPod.

The Kindle 2 adds an "experimental" text to speech feature. The device saves the user's place in the book and allows users to switch between reading a text and listening to it. Depending on how well, or
seamlessly, this works, it could truly be a revolutionary feature.

It looks like Amazon paid attention to the complaints about the original Kindle and is also trying to drive innovation in the e-reader market. With cheaper readers like the
Foxit's e-Slick coming to the market, Amazon looks to be taking steps to maintain it's place atop the high-end of the e-reader market.

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