Thursday, September 13, 2007

Highlights from OCLC Western Director's Day 2007 : Part 1

OCLC Western held its annual Director's Day confab in Pomona, CA yesterday, and Cathy De Rosa (OCLC VP for the Americas/Global Marketing VP) presented some interesting findings from "Perceptions of Libraries and Information Resources", a survey about public attitudes towards libraries.

In reviewing findings that the public felt their privacy was more at risk in libraries and on library web sites than while surfing the web, she remarked that libraries needed a privacy branding for their sites.

Many of us present felt that was an excellent idea. We do a lot to safeguard patron privacy, but don't say much about it. A logo and a self-certification program to go with it would be a simple, inexpensive, and probably effective way to make the point one more time that libraries are special places.

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