Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Another Library goes with Endeca

McMaster University continues to lead the way in Library 2.0 endeavors by announcing a "soft" rollout of its new Endeca-based catalog front-end.

Their catalog is here, with the new interface sharing space with the old Horizon OPAC until the fall.

It's an impressive achievement, and the new interface joins NCSU in moving Endeca into a surprisingly prominent place in the library automation business.


Isaac Huffman said...

Endeca is one the better catalogs for the people who are searches (look at its easy to use features). The problem I see with Endeca is it is still not visual enough for libraries to connect with the general public. Endeca catalogs are just a little ugly and the features that are so very very nice don't stand out. It is very "square" in style and web 2.0 if anything is also a movement of look and style and Endeca is not the best looking catalog. It is subjective, I know, still when NC State went to Endeca, many people pointed to the Chapel Hill Public Library as having the best catalog in the region. Based on look and "feel."

Isaac Huffman

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