Thursday, October 26, 2006

Nashville Skyline

I'm here in rainy Nashville for the LITA National Forum. While I'm waiting for things to get started, I'm in the hotel lobby reflecting on an exhausting cross-country flight highlighted by having my toothpaste confiscated by Federal agents. What interesting times.

I noticed for the first time the spread of airport shops selling CDs and DVDs. Although the fate of Tower Records shows how format tastes are changing, the demand for physical media is alive and well in some niche markets, such as air travelers. (At least until in-flight Internet access catches on-- how could that "Connexion by Boeing" system have failed in the market? Possibly they were driven out by fear of what OCLC would do over the name conflict?)

Well, forum registration is in an hour, I'd better go get something to eat now. More later.

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