Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Open Source ILS goes live!

Today the Georgia PINES consortium (Public Information Network for Electronic Services) has launched Evergreen, their new Open Source ILS.

After two years of development, Evergreen has gone live. Designed for use by a 252-library consortium with combined collection of 8 million volumes, it represents a considerable move up-market for Open Source ILS software. (Koha's largest installation is the seven branch Nelsonville Public Library in Ohio with 250,000 volumes)

Evergreen looks like a polished, production ILS. It has an initial social web feature in its "Bookbags", which alllow patrons to create reading lists and share them with friends. The "To Do" list on the developer site mentions a proposal to emulate the browse capabilities of the Barnes and Noble site.

Koha has an active group of supporters around the world who have steadily grown the product and expanded its usefullness far beyond the modest initial product. The key step now is for a development community to grow around Evergreen.

The Evergreen documentation wiki has a lot of information on the project, including demos, presentations, and training modules.

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